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Soft washing is a safe alternative to pressure washing for all delicate surfaces of your property. We mix a range of different washing solutions for all of your exterior surfaces. It will wash away growth, dirt, dust, and salt spray off your siding safely and in a fraction of the time pressure washing takes! Our soft washing detergents are 100% biodegradable, safe for your home, and use less water than regular pressure washing.

Benefits of our Mission House Washing Services

Soft Washing your home eliminates organic growth and washes away dust and dirt. Ever notice that black mold or green tint on your siding? Those infestations actually deteriorate your siding and lead to costly repairs. Regular washing will ensure that your home never accumulates these types of soils and keeps it looking in tip top shape. Avoid breaking the bank by keeping the exterior of your home clean and free of organic growth.

Black mold growing on your siding is no joke! Studies show that being in the presence of black mold is bad for your lungs and can harm other parts of your body as well. Keep your family safe by regularly washing the exterior of your home.

Using our gentle washing procedure, we are able to ensure your home is 100% clean without risking water ingress damage. When using a pressure washer, there is a chance that water can get in behind the home causing more serious issues.

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How Is Blue Jay Different Than Other Providers?

We do house washing on a variety of materials, including Vinyl, cedar, Hardie plank, aluminum, and brick. We use a soft wash approach with a biodegradable cleaning solution to ensure your siding is cleaned properly without the use of a pressure washer or high pressure.

Mission and Fraser Valley House Washing of Vinyl Siding:

Whether we are cleaning a home, workshop, or shed in Fraser Valley, a big concern homeowners have is if we use high pressure to clean their vinyl siding. We do NOT use high-pressure or a pressure washer to wash your vinyl. Using a high-pressure washer on vinyl can damage your siding. We use our soft wash system to ensure the siding on your home is washed safely, softly, and effectively. We do not use a power washer to clean the vinyl siding on your home. We use our cleaning agents to ensure that mildew, dirt, and algae are all removed from the siding of your home. Once we have cleaned your siding, we ensure the grounds are left clean and that debris is not left behind after our cleaning. Our technicians are friendly, professional, and competent. Let Blue Jay ProWash clean your siding so you can spend more time with your family and do the things you love.

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Frequently Asked House Washing Questions

It will depend how large your home is but most exterior house washes range from $400 – $900. All exterior washing packages include a full detailing of the exterior of the windows, soffits, wood trim, and siding.

Depending on your preference, every 1-2 years is a good frequency for washing the exterior of your home. The north side of your home will be the first to show mold and algae. Many of our clients have us come out one time per year to revive the exterior of their home.

Our cleaning detergent is diluted down with copious amounts of water. This means that our detergent is safe for your pets and plants. In addition to this, we have a two person team of Technicians, and during the washing process, one Technician is entirely dedicated to rinsing and ensuring the detergent is safe on your property. We have washed hundreds of homes this way with our cleaning method.

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Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning in Mission BC van

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